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Hello there Heapster…(apparently that’s the semi official term for someone who likes my music according to the Urban Dictionary!).

You’re here and I’m here but where is here?

Well it’s on a bunch of servers somewhere but somehow it feels a bit more like home. A little more friendly... less ears and eyes about. Perhaps I’m in my pyjamas, or with Scout, either way, it’s extremely likely I’ve got an idea on the go and I do so love to share them, musical, technical or some new found life hack :)

However, I’ve become a bit bright light bright light exhausted with the juggernaut of the big socials, so I’m going to cosy up to something a little more human and manageable.

I’ve been not really doing much about it but now, really is the time! No theatre or live income, generally need to rethink things a little. Perhaps this could be like my own weird version of Patreon?

However… I do have a daughter, music to make (you do want new music right??), a 220 year old home studio to keep standing, The Creative Passport and daily keep alive type stuff, so I’m not gonna be on here 24/7 reading and answering every last comment. I will come in for an honest opinion, slap in the face, warm cuddle or a giggle with the Heapsters though in the small in betweens. Which is often my favourite part of the day :)

My most recent project is Augmented Imogen. You can read about that here, if you’d like to develop my first explorations into AI with me, this is also where to come :)

We have realtime audio and text chat with Discord, where I pop in every now and then to chat and also host studio listening sessions. Make sure to grab the invite link after signup in "Articles".

Basically… It’s a bit like an assorted bag of unexpected Heap treats, (if you like Heap, that is). Blogs, music you know, demos you don't, work in progress projects, photos, videos on the go, listening sessions and chat large and small.

So, if that’s worth £2/month to you, or £10 or £25 even, then let’s do this and I’ll see you in there!

Big hugs!

The Heapster.

aka immi.

aka Scout’s mum.

aka Imogen Heap!

Some feedback from my Heapsters...

LOVING being able to access Immi’s content on SupaPass! So accessible & easy to use, exciting times! :D xx
Yay! @SupaPass is like @Spotify if it was fair to the artists ;) So psyched that @imogenheap pulled it off. Hope it catches on. DL now!!
@imogenheap I love your work, literally everything you do. I’m streaming your music on @SupaPass even though I own it all physically #love
Totally digging VIP content of @imogenheap on @SupaPass - an amazing bargain for £2

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