Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap

2020 improvs atmospherics

6 tracks

These are some slightly worked up (but not really at all) ideas from The Gloves Are On sessions. The first 6 are specifically for a potential job scoring a TV drama/thriller. If I get it, it'll be the first one i've ever done. Let's see what they think of the seedling ideas for mood.
  1. 1
    No.1 Num Num Piano
  2. 2
    No.2 Optimistic Whispers
  3. 3
    No.3 Bubble Time Wind
  4. 4
    No.4 Slow Shift
  5. 5
    No.5 Things Are Looking Up
  6. 6
    No.6 Brooding Indecision

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