The Listening Chair Conversations

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Hello everyone! I do live stream of Q&A from The Listening Chair every week. Day depends on what's going on. I really look forward to these catchups and conversations. They always take me in surprising directions and often put me through the motions in one way or another. Feels like therapy almost somehow! Getting to know your faces too. The questions I answer are from those who have received a ticket from Augmented Imogen. Currently a chat bot (that's all we have for now but bare with us) found on this mobile app, with three little dots in the bottom right hand corner. AImogen is constantly learning about me and you can ask her questions. If AImogen can't answer she'll ask you if you'd like to ask me directly.. and then you get a ticket. Augmented Imogen in the long term, I hope to be fun, organised, digital, 24/7 online presence with an Encyclopedic knowledge of me. Hopefully with wit and charm if we get it right. This will of course take a lifetime and beyond of development but it's curious to explore what this means for individual AI assistance, better or for worse. Here to explore the pros and cons and see where it takes us. All answers not able to be answered by AImogen, will be given by me in person and then these answers will in turn be edited (currently manually) and fed back into AImogen in the hope that I will only have to answer the same question once! The subscription funding is going towards costs to pay the team to better AImogen. I hope to develop AImogen over the years to become a really useful member of my extended team, being able to field questions into my various inboxes, so I don't miss stuff and integrating with data in The Creative Passport (we are also developing). AImogen may share music that's suitable to the conversation or ever personally make you pieces herself (as I might if I could humanly do that 24/7!). This is all to enable me in my life to have more quality time and deeper conversation with family, music, friends and fans. That's the plan anyway! xx OK.. see you in the chair someday perhaps!! xx immi xx