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I was sent by my dear friend Steven Hoggett some choreographed dances to write some music to and do what I fancy with them! This is what came of a day in the studio. The start of Clemmie's dance really struck how I was (and still am) feeling that day. That it's all a bit overwhelming. I felt there was a point of breakdown, it had all got too much (i'm speaking about my interpretation of the dance here not my mental state) and then the third section a rise from the ashes. A carefree, show your true colours, let it all go. Drift into the acceptance of who you are. Steven gave me no hints or clues as to what the dance was portraying or indeed what music they used to dance to. I figured out all 4 solo dances were to the same music, as they had similar peaks in movement. So i wrote the piece to Clemmie's dance but I think I may prefer how it sits on Chris' dance. Not sure what will come of it yet. Very very rough first sketch that is just sitting on the 'shelf'. Thought you may fancy a listen. I think there's something in it. Will add more details when I know the full names of the dancers. So happy to be sharing here with you!