The Gloves are On - Live Improvisations

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This is the first Live Improvisation to raise money for the Creative Passport. A month before, we'd created a Go Fund Me page as Spotify had added the possibility to be able to link a tip account (in response to COVID-19). An increase in per stream play would have sufficed but we will make do! I thought as I'd already set it up, I could attempt to raise more money via the Improvisations as I'd already started them a couple of weeks before. The first live stream with the link raised £700 which pays for a few days development of the Creative Passport. In general... most of my profits go to The Creative Passport these days but due to Harry Potter play not being live in Theatres any more... profits have someone dwindled!! This is my way of also sharing with other musicians they could contribute now toward a future they'd like, where a living in return for good music experiences is easier to come by. I wonder how many I'll do... or whether other musicians may consider doing a similar thing and directing concerts/ live streams to the go fund me page. Probably not but one can hope!